Lockdown: Ying & Yang

Lockdown: Ying & Yang

*Old blog post from May 2020.

My first blog post - and one that'll go down in history!

Lockdown. The word conjures up images of confinement in prison and the likes, but in truth, I find myself extremely thankful because just a couple years ago, I was living in a small flat with a springer spaniel who was bouncing off the walls - I’m not sure I could handle that in times like this - Kudos to those at home with kids!

Now, I feel beyond lucky as I have a garden I am throwing my energies into and there is wildlife visible from very window of the house. The birds are nesting all over the place, swallows and robins in the stables, starlings in the roof, wood pigeon and dunnocks in the trees. The chorus in the morning is a joy to wake up to. I notice often I no longer hear the planes overhead and the traffic from the M8 motorway nearby either and I welcome the peace and isolation!

However, prior to the arrival of Covid-19, I was lonely - my partner was at work and when I was at home, I didn't really find solace in painting. But Lockdown has given me a new appreciation for what I have, more opportunities, to take the positives from adversity. We are being forced to slow down, but because of that we can reflect and take time for ourselves. Many of us will have financial worries, but that might push us to think outside the box, to follow a path we've always dreamed of but been hesitant to do, or just never got round to finding the time.

Back in January, my business plan consisted of holding a solo exhibition and attending more fairs, but now I am looking at what I can do online, thinking up ways on how to keep a steady flow of income via my art, while I have had to reduce my day job hours due to my health. It's an ideal time to really connect with those who enjoy my art and promote my small business.

I decided a new website, one more fit for purpose, cleaner and user friendly was a must. I've got new card designs that have just arrived, ones that work better for the square format I paint in now and better value for my customers whilst still maintaining the quality. I'm exploring other gift ideas too which is exciting. My Etsy store had a bit of a revival despite me giving up on it at the start of the year and I've had time to catch up on my accounts, to paint daily and to engage more on social media - I am loving it!

The adopted rainbow symbol of these strange times is very apt - we must endure the bad to enjoy the good. After every storm comes a rainbow, a colourful ray of hope and I don't think it'll be too long before we get to hug our loved ones once more.

Stay safe and focus on what makes you happy. Anjx

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