Pet Portraits

Anj understands the bond shared with a four-legged friend having horses and dogs of her own. And what better way to celebrate that love than with an original one-off piece of art to hang in your home and keep the memories made, alive.

Painted in acrylics on stretched canvas and linen and working from your photos, Anj aims to capture your pet’s personality through a colourful and contemporary portrait.

Don’t have a pet but have something else in mind? Anj can create a statement piece of art of your favourite wild animal too!

Read on to find out more…

What do I needed to create a portrait of my pet?

Firstly, several clear photos taken in good light are required to create your portrait. Photos taken eye-level with the animal and preferably in natural light from a window or outside. No direct light, such as flashes or strong sunlight as this can flatten colours and detail, as well as light up the eyes.

Having a few photos means that Anj can get an overall idea of what your pet looks like. Photos of specific details, like markings/collars/eye colours are handy too. Have a read of the blog HERE to help you get that perfect photo of your pet.

Think about the pose of your pet - do you want a full body portrait or just the head and shoulders? And what would you like the background to be? Some people choose a coloured background to compliment the colour of their pet (or even their decor!) and this also helps keep the focus on the pet. Others want a more detailed background, maybe of a specific place their pet liked to visit.

Commissioning a pet portrait is all about creating something unique and personal to you, something that will remind you of them when they’re gone. So including something more personal such as a special look they gave, a favourite blanket or a certain flower that reminds you of them can make for a more unique painting. Choosing photos that really sum up their character is important too - remember, this will be hanging on your wall for many years to come!

Next, you need to decide what size of painting you’d like. Click the link below for sizes and prices.

Can I get my pet portrait framed?

All canvases are painted round the sides and fitted with a canvas hook, allowing your portrait to be hung on the wall straight away, without the need for framing.

However, If you’d prefer to have your painting framed, Anj can arrange that for you. Framing can really complete a painting and as your portrait is done on a stretched canvas, they look great in a floating frame which really sets them off, and without the need for expensive and inconvenient glass!

Depending on the size and depth of your canvas, framing is available in standard sized and bespoke options. Please note that standard sizes frames are not always held in stock and bespoke ones are subject to delays depending on how busy our framer is, so it is wise to order early if needed for a specific date. This can be discussed at the time of order along with quotes.