Terra Collection

Looking at the way animals, in particular wildlife, are connected to Mother Nature. Exploring the hidden bonds that they have with their surroundings and their links with the elements.

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Floral Collection

This series shows my journey to discover not just the form and colours of some of my favourite flowers, but also my way of expressing them through various mixed media techniques.

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Discovery Collection

Focusing on colour and symbolism through various media, this is a series of work delving in to personal memories and nostalgia, childhood loves and things that make the heart sing.

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ROYGBIV Collection

Combining a love of colour and expressive, abstract painting with animals, this series based on the colours of the rainbow looks at portraying wildlife in a bright, playful and contemporary way.

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Divine Beings Collection

A study of animal deities and celestial beings which feature in cultural legends and mythology from across the world, combining legend with a contemporary twist.

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Girl’s Best Friend Collection

Forget diamonds - dogs are a girl’s best friend! Contemporary portraits of dogs with an emphasis on expression, in the their features and in painting style.

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The Idle Creative Collection

An exploration in to intuitive expressionism and painting from the heart. These landscape and abstract paintings feature strong use of colour and textures.

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