About The Artist

I'm Anj Jamieson.

I live and work from my home studio based in West Lothian in Central Scotland. While the history of the local area may be rather industrial, the home which I share with my Partner and our animals is nestled in a little haven of farmland and woodland. I count myself extremely fortunate to witness all manner of flora and fauna by just stepping outside the front door, allowing me an abundance of references and inspiration to create the art I love doing.

My passion for wildlife is deep rooted and a big focus in my life. I feel privileged to connect to nature on a daily basis and I wish to share that connection with fellow animal lovers through my paintings. I have many cherished childhood memories full of exploring nature, tracking animal footprints in the snow, catching insects to draw and collecting tadpoles to see them evolve into toads. Art has been a passion of equal measure from the day I was capable of holding a crayon and my use of colour today is a definite nod to those days growing up watching Rainbow Bright, Gummi Bears and My Little Pony on TV in the 80’s! I am hugely nostalgic, some might say to my detriment, but a huge amount of my inspiration is drawn from those memories and experiences I had a child.

My Springer Spaniel, Bracken, also shares my interest in wildlife and loves nothing more than watching the birds (and Missus Moose!) from the window, sniffing for voles and chasing squirrels!

I am mainly self taught (Art college turned out not to be for me!), starting out my artistic career working in pastels in 2012. After a year long bout of artist block when my Mum passed away, I found renewed motivation in the form of acrylic paint and I’ve never looked back. I’m proud to have my work in homes around the world including Portugal, Australia and New Zealand.

Art had always been a side hustle to a main job, but in 2019, just as covid hit, I fell ill and was diagnosed with Functional Neurological Disorder. The symptoms may be challenging at times, but I also pay some gratitude to the nature of my condition which allowed me to step back and re-evaluate what I wanted from life, ultimately choosing to focus mainly on my art. And just so I don't suffer from cabin fever, locked in my studio all day, I now have a small part time job as a greetings card merchandiser!

When I am not painting, you'll likely find me pottering about outside with my two welsh ponies, Lili and Gem, tending to the flowers and veg in the garden or walking in the Pentland Hills when my health allows.