Welcome to my shiny new website!

In 2020 I set about creating a website that allowed customers to shop direct from my store and over the years, I added more content and info and it became the perfect place to direct people. But the shop was never as user friendly as I wished it could be. So, with this new website, I hope to have made navigation of the site not only simpler, but easier and more enjoyable too.

I had forgotten just how much of a mammoth task it would be to transfer several years worth of content over (and my partner has already reminded me that he lost me for months when I built my first one!) but I'm sure it will be worth it in the end!

I'll have regular blog posts, individual tabs for products and paintings, an about me section and news on events. And of course, my quarterly giveaway! I've had to remove the cushions option due to rising costs, but I've added in the option to select a pack of best selling greetings cards instead. 

I hope you enjoy having a look around and if I can help with anything, fire me a message in the contact page.

Best wishes,



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